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Testimonial (Pinched Nerve in Neck and Low Back Pain. Alternative to Surgery)

Dr. Shin is excellent!! I came to him with a pinched nerve between C6-C7 in my neck, I also had a 7mm twist and displacement in my lower back.

I was miserable, and in debilitating pain. I've done 5 steroid injections into my spine and nothing helped for longer than 2-3 weeks.

Immediately after our first adjustment I felt an incredible release! my body’s reaction to this release was nothing short of overwhelming!!

I've followed Dr.Shin’s advice each and every step of the way and today just several short months later my pinched nerve is long gone, there’s no pain and my lower back is 100% straight in my x-ray exam.

I was told I need surgery and that it might not work, I'm glad I researched and found Dr. Shin and his Gonstead chiropractic practice, he helped me gain my strength and energy back. Thank you Dr. Shin, I appreciate you very very much!!!

Lastly, his staff is excellent, courteous, pleasant and helpful. 5-stars across the board!

- Ronnie


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