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Testimonial (Sciatica and Low Back Pain)

I (Edith) went to see Dr. Shin in June 2021 in great pain for sciatic nerve attack. MRI was showing that my L5 was 20% compressed. I was unable to sleep, walk, or sit long then.

Dr. Shin adjusted my lower back and it was amazing that I was able to walk again in two months. Dr. Shin had been very encouraging and taught me how to walk and sit properly, so by the fifth month, the x-ray showed a significant improvement in my overall posture.

Thanks to Dr. Shin, I was even able to take a couple of trips before the end of the year. To maintain, I now walk 3 miles a day and feel healthier than before.

Dr. Shin and his friendly staff have been very understanding and accommodating in scheduling appointments. I would recommend Dr. Shin to anyone who is looking for an excellent chiropractor.

- Edith L (November 2022)


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