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Testimonial (Lower back, hip, and leg pain)

I am so very grateful for the skillful care you have given me during the last few months.

I had never even thought about seeing a chiropractor for the leg pain I was experiencing, but a friend who saw me in pain sent me to Dr. Shin, and I am so grateful for his intervention.  Dr. Shin has given me my life back.  He worked me into his busy schedule, ran a few tests and knew how to help me.  After a few adjustments, I began to feel so much better.  My lower back, hip and leg pain is almost non-existent.  I can sleep better and rarely have to take Advil.  Dr. Shin's compassionate, skillful care has made a huge difference in the quality of my life.  He always asks questions about how I am feeling and responds with solutions.  I can now take long car trips, even sit in movie theaters without wincing in pain when I try to stand and walk.  I only wish I had found him 20 years ago!

- Brenda Bird (February 2019)


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