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Testimonial (Lower Back Pain, Stiffness & Hip Alignment)

Updated: May 18, 2023

Dr. Shin helped alleviate my back pain and significantly improved my spine and hip alignment.

I first became familiar with the Gonstead Chiropractor technique about 9 years ago, when I had started experiencing some pain in my lower back. After working through that trouble though, I had not been back to see a Chiropractor.

Since then, I started working daily at a computer and a few years ago I got into the bad habit of sitting with one leg crossed under the other. Over time, this bad posture slowly caused my skeletal structure to shift from center balance. However, it wasn't until Covid-19 started, and I stopped my normal physical activities, that my poor condition caught up with me. I began experiencing significant pain and stiffness in my back and had to search for a new Chiropractor, since my last one had retired. Luckily, I found Texas Gonstead Chiropractic right down the road from my apartment.

After an initial examination, Dr. Shin was able to identify where the trouble in my back was and offered a treatment plan involving several physical adjustments to realign my vertebrae and pelvis. Through his application of the Gonstead technique, Dr. Shin was able to largely correct the subluxation of my vertebrae and misalignment of my hips within 6 months. He also pointed out posture changes I needed to make in my daily routine to further improve my condition, along with exercises for strengthening specific muscles to better support my skeletal structure and nervous system. This is all in order to fix the fundamental causes of my back problems without the need for surgery or drugs.

I have had a good experience with Dr. Shin and Texas Gonstead Chiropractic's care and recommend them to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and experienced Chiropractor.

- Mat T.


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