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Testimonial (Patient with TMJ & Spouse with Hip Pain and Leg Cramps)

Dr. Shin is NOT just another typical chiropractor, he is a Gonstead chiropractor. Guys do your research and understand that he is different from the rest of chiropractors you find anywhere else.

After visiting 3 different chiropractors, my wife’s pain and condition wasn’t getting better. That’s when I started to do research and found out about Gonstead Chiropractic. Without knowing we put all of our hope on him. This was without a doubt the BEST thing me and my wife have ever done! She had problems with her hip with pain and cramps on her legs. Her neck was killing her with headaches and cramps on her arms. She couldn’t even sleep without getting cramps in the middle of the night. And while other chiropractors just did the adjustments with no good results, Dr. Shin was able to find the root of her problem. From there she followed his recommended plan without missing a single appointment. Recently she finished the first phase, and Dr. Shin did an amazing job with her spine, neck and hip. And you can see the difference on the before-and-after x-rays. It is worth every single dollar, time, and effort you spend. She is now on the maintenance phase, and she is feeling amazing and happy! She also was able to go back to work all thanks to this amazing Doctor.

As for me, I had a problem with my Jaw (TMJ) for the last 13 years. And when I took my wife to visit those other chiropractors, they also tried to fix my jaw but they were not able to fix it. Dr. Shin was able to fix my jaw with a single adjustment!! It hurt a little bit, but it was worth it!!! I can open my jaw with absolutely no pain and no clicking sound.

We gave Dr. Shin permission to share my wife’s story for those interested, to give you guys hope! He can provide better details on how the condition was when my wife got there and how he fixed her!! And he cares about you, when they finished phase 1 and saw the incredible improvement, even he was very happy!!

Guys if you are having problems and had gone to different chiropractors before with no results, you definitely have to go visit Dr. Shin and try Gonstead Chiropractic.

- Nestor Vazq (February 2019)


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