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Testimonial (Restless nights due to extreme back pain)

Dr. Shin has been the best decisions I have made for my health. Before I found all about Dr. Shin and Gonstead chiropractic, I had gone to three different chiropractors and had was not improving. They were able to temporary relief some pain but after a few hours or days I was back to feeling bad or sometimes even worse than before.

I encourages you to do some research on what Gonstead means. You can always ask Dr. Shin too. He did an amazing job explaining what it meant as well as explaining what we saw on the x-rays and the tests he did before starting with therapy. He was always willing to answer all of my questions the best way he could and always explained everything in a way that I could understand what was going on.

I'm currently on the maintenance stage and I have not felt so good in many, many years! I've spent many years dealing with pain strong enough I could barely keep myself together but thanks to Dr. Shin, I can now spend DAYS, even WEEKS without feeling the slightest pain. Additionally, I've notice that thanks to that, I have even been able to go to sleep and actually sleep for more that half an hour before waking up due to pain somewhere on my body like I used to do before.

The way I feel now is a thousand times better that I did before. I can even enjoy going back to work and doing exercises again thanks to his help. I would recommend this Dr. to every single person I know.

I will also like to mention how great Dr. Shin's staff is. They are very kind and helpful!

- Sandy Marie (February 2019)


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